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About Us

Spirit Warrior (n):

one who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance; the ultimate source of suffering.

Thoughts not only MATTER, they CREATE MATTER.

Many people go through life feeling and thinking things like; “I’m not good enough”, “I’m never going to be happy” or “I’m broke”. More often than not, if you are paying attention, you will notice that these people (including yourself) tend to continue having those very same negative experiences. However, once you start living from a place of proactive awareness, your whole world will change.

Raising your personal vibration/frequency is fundamental to living a life of purpose and prosperity on all levels. Imagine yourself as a radio, tuning into the many “channels” of life. Depending on the channel you are tuned into, you will receive the “broadcasts” that are on that channel. Whether it is a T-Shirt that reminds you of something you are currently working on, a crystal to help you set the tone for your intentions or an essential oil to provide you with a foundation of strength for the day, everything we offer should be seen as a “signal booster” for your “radio of life”.

As a Spirit Warrior, sometimes you need to “armor up” for the adventure ahead of you.

Meet the Founders

Audrey Callahan

Singer // Songwriter // Entrepreneur

Being a creative by nature, it’s hard for me to stick to one creative path so I tend to dabble in them all.

I actually never set out to make a clothing line; I started out creating t-shirts with growth oriented phrasing just for me and it eventually blossomed into this beautiful business that my husband and I now run together using a blend of both of our passions.

Shane Snyder


If you haven’t already read Audrey’s bio, you probably should as it will help to make sense of mine since I came into Spirit Warrior after she already had things going.
Audrey and I are married and have been on a conscious path of personal development and self-mastery since 2010.