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Crystal Care

How to cleanse and charge your crystal

Before we get started with the different ways that you can cleanse and charge your crystal, it is important for us to make a few things clear:

We fully understand that there is no current “scientific” evidence that supports the idea that crystals can “take on” certain energies, be reduced in their vibrational rate or that they would need to be charged from time to time (though we believe this will be proven in time).

It is entirely possible that the practice of cleansing and charging your crystal has more to do with your own ‘intention setting’ than it has to do with any literal cleaning and charging of your crystal (though we doubt it).

There are many friendly debates regarding which techniques are most effective (or effective at all) regarding how you can/should cleanse and recharge your crystal. Our top level advice is to follow your own intuition when you are making your decision.

Having said all of that, and after much research/experience, we have decided that the occasional cleansing and recharging of a crystal seems to lend to some benefit. Even if the resultant effects are what some might call a “placebo”…if it works, then it works.

We will dive into more information on why we recommend the following protocol in future blog posts, however in the meantime, please select from the more concise breakdown below.

Important! – the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to hold the intention to cleanse or to charge your crystal while performing the following methods.

There is some debate as to whether a crystal ever needs to be charged/recharged. Some methods below perform both duties of cleansing and recharging. If you use a method which only cleanses a crystal, and you wish to also recharge your crystal, you can use one of the other methods that does both.

Preferred Methods for Cleansing and Recharging your Crystals

Pyrite Dust (or small chunks) in Water
A crystal healing practitioner colleague of ours has been doing crystal healing therapy for over 30 years and, of course, needs to cleanse the crystals after every healing session. Her preferred method, and what she has determined to be most effective, is to put roughly 1/4th cup of pyrite dust/small chunks into roughly 2 to 4 cups of purified water and to swish your crystal around in this water for a short period of time. 5 to 30 seconds will suffice. Pyrite is very grounding and will pull “unwanted vibes” from your crystal. For personal use, this solution should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. You can find our Pyrite Crystal Cleansing pouches here. Important! – when using any water-based method, keep in mind that some crystals are water soluble and can be damaged over time. Additionally, the wire wrapping of your pendant or other jewelry can begin to rust if you do not dry it immediately and effectively. This method is still recommended because of the short duration of time that your crystal needs to make contact with the water. Regardless if you use a crystal that is water soluble, you use this method at your own risk.

Singing Bowl Method
All things are made of energy that vibrate at a particular frequency. Using a singing bowl, you can cleanse and charge your crystal by putting the crystal into the singing bowl or near the singing bowl, while you use the bowl to create sound vibrations. It is recommended to use the singing bowl between 1 and 2 minutes (or more) and in addition to playing the singing bowl, you can also strike it sharply over and over again to create loud sound. The idea here is that the loud sound will “shake up” the vibrations of the crystal, releasing anything unwanted, kind of like a “reset button”. This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

Intention with Breath
Simply hold your crystal in your hand while holding intention that your breath will cleanse the crystal. Visualize your breath as a cleansing white light (or whatever works for you) and then, blow. Do this as many times as you feel is necessary. It may also help to visualize “black smoke” (representing unwanted energies) dissipating from your crystal as you do this. Keep in mind this is not to be taken literally. No, we do not “believe in hocus pocus”, but we do believe that everyone has the power to create their own reality, via intention. These visuals are just meant to help you tap into your innate ability to do so. This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

If you have sage, sweet grass, palo santo, tree resins or other forms of incense, you can utilize these to cleanse your crystals. The method is simple. Light them up, intend that the smoke is cleansing your crystal and you’re done!

You can find our smudging tools here.

Other Cleansing and Charging Options

Important! – Although we share the following methods, please keep in mind that you will need to research if your crystal would be damaged in the process, as not every crystal can interact for long periods of time with salt, sunlight or water. You use the following methods at your own risk.

Salt Water Bath
Salt is also a crystal and is reported to have a cleansing effect (ever seen salt lamps?). Simply put 1/4th to 1 full cup of salt into warm water to dissolve, swish your crystal in the solution for 10-30 seconds or place your crystal in this solution overnight. Many people have varying opinions of how long you should let your crystal cleanse by this method. Use your own intuition.

Running Water
Holding your crystal under running water, (preferably from a natural source like a river/creek/etc.) imagine the water cleansing away any unwanted energies from your crystal. Do this for as long as you see fit. This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

Some say use a full moon, some say the different phases of the moon provide different qualities to your crystal, either way, we recommend you do your research if you intend to use this method to learn what works for you. This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

Ground Cleansing
The earth vibrates at a particular rate, has a grounding quality and is where your crystal came from in the first place! Burying your crystal overnight is said to help cleanse your crystal of unwanted energies and probably even has recharging qualities. Keep in mind some crystals will get dirt stuck in them and/or if it rains overnight your crystal may be damaged by sitting in muddy water. This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

Meditation/Energy Work
The reason we do not have meditation or energy work (such as reiki) as a technique in the recommended list is because of the potential skill and time that may be required to use this method. Clearly there are dozens of ways to accomplish this and you will need to do your own research. Have fun! This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

Using the power of the sun, place your crystal in direct sunlight for as long as you see fit. This method can both cleanse and charge your crystal.

Above all else, again, the most important factor in the process of cleansing and charging your crystals is to utilize the power of your intention while performing these methods. If you can find a method that works better for you…use it. We, ourselves, are still learning something new every day and only offer these options as a guiding hand. We hope these tips are helpful and wish you the best of success!