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Guided Crystal Pendants

“Sometimes a Spirit Warrior may seek guidance for the path that lay ahead.

If you would like to utilize a crystal pendant on your journey and need some help to figure out the right one for you and your situation, we’ve got you covered with our ‘Guided Crystal Pendant’ process.

Upon purchase, you will be provided with a questionnaire to complete and submit to us. I will then review your form, reach out to you if I have additional questions and go through my own process to find the right crystal to help you on your journey.

Before I send your pendant to you, I will cleanse it, program it with the intention of your goals and send you an email as to why I picked the crystal that I did.

This is a much more personal and tailored way to obtain a crystal pendant and I am honored to provide it. Thank you for the opportunity to help another Spirit Warrior on their path.”

Shane Snyder | Co-Owner

Guided Crystal


Our guided process includes the price of the questionnaire review, the crystal pendant, a necklace and our selection process.


Our Process

I do not consider myself special, particularly unique or a master of anything. I do not have any special abilities or special knowledge to pick a crystal for you.

Having said that, since 2009, I have thrust myself into the research and practice of psychology, personal development, spiritual development, metaphysics and more.

My life purpose is to help others to remember who they really are and guide them (when asked) into BEING their true selves.

Having lived a varied and complex life (having moved over 80 times, including internationally), I am usually able to relate to anyone’s situation or story, no matter how “weird”, negative or intense it may be. I believe we all have innate abilities or “special gifts”, and I believe ‘relating to others’ and understanding where they come from, is one of mine.

With this life experience, I will ascertain the main issue or goal you express to me via the questionnaire.

With this as a focus, I will then go through the following process:

  1. Research the available current and historic data with regard to crystals and their abilities to influence healing in certain ways. This will include private and specific information I have obtained from a 30+ year crystal healing practitioner that has become a friend and colleague of mine.
  2. Use my own intuition and allow my own experiences and relation to your situation help guide me to a more focused decision as to which crystal I should pick, out of the available options that have been identified in step 1.
  3. Reach out to you via email or telephone if I have additional questions.
  4. Once a single crystal type has been selected, I will use basic energy techniques and a pendulum to decide upon the specific crystal that I should send to you. Don’t worry, there is no “magic woo woo” being used here.
  5. Before I package and send your new crystal pendant to you, I will go through a process to reset your crystal to its base/home vibrations, program the crystal with the intention of your situation and provide you with a quick write-up of my thoughts.

Over the years I have employed this process for others, with seeming success, and I look forward to assisting you as well.

Journey on!