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Gear Sets









Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Love, Forgiveness, Unity.

You are probably working on one or all of these. Many tools can be used by a Spirit Warrior to combat self-ignorance and boost higher awareness.

The question is: “How do I know what tools to use?”

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and organizing a collection of GEAR SETS that focus on different parts of life in an attempt to answer this question.

Each unique GEAR SET is custom designed and will come with the following:

  • Armor”
    a t-shirt with sacred geometry and affirmations
  • Pendant
    a wire wrapped crystal necklace
  • Living Space Crystals
    a group of crystals to place in your home
  • Affirmation Scroll
    a scroll of relevant affirmations
  • “Talisman”
    a pocket/meditation crystal
  • Cleanser
    Sage, Palo Santo and/or other form of smudge product to cleanse the self and the home
  • Pyrite Dust
    when added with water, used to cleanse your crystals
  • Instructions
    how to use and maintain your GEAR SET